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WHO Advice on Coronavirus


15 October - Daily overview of new information

15 October - Statement - COVID-19: an update on the COVID-19 situation in the WHO European Region

5 October - Influenza in the time of Covid-19

30 September - Global solidarity in the fight against Covid-19 

18 September - Statement – Covid-19: Regional coherence and a spirit of collective support is crucial

14 September - Statement by Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, 70th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe

4 September - Europe lights the way for schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

26 August - WHO/Europe to establish a mental health coalition to support system reforms and COVID-19 recovery

20 August - Statement - Risk of #COVID19 resurgence is never far away, but now we know how to target the virus instead of targeting society

16 August - Timeline: WHO's Covid-19 Response

3 August - WHO Manifesto for a healthy recovery from Covid-19


The World Health Organization

While we all take action at a personal and local level, COVID-19 is a global issue. The World Health Organization is providing advice for individuals, vulnerable groups and health professionals, as well as answering questions about Coronavirus and tackling some of the myths. 

WHO Europe website has information on Coronavirus in Europe.

WHO is also tracking the numbers of cases right across the world, with a country-by-country tracker which is updated on a daily basis. You can find out more at the WHO Coronavirus Situation Dashboard.

WHO is holding regular briefings, which can be viewed on the WHO facebook page

WHO has multimedia sources available on range of COVID-19 topics available here

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NB The World Health Organization is a global body providing advice to all countries during the Covid-19 pandemic.  This is used to inform the development of advice in individual countries. The advice to be applied during the Covid-19 pandemic in Northern Ireland is that which is issued by the Northern Ireland Assembly.