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Belfast Healthy Cities

Our vision is that Belfast is recognised globally
as a healthy, equitable and sustainable city

Healthy Cities 21st Century

Knowledge, Training & Capacity

Knowledge, Training & Capacity

Policies across sectors, including regional and local government, have a significant impact on people’s health. Achieving better health outcomes in policies require strengthening public health functions and capacity. While capacity and resources vary across organisations, investing in public health capacity-building is a priority to improve policies and action for improving health and reducing inequalities.

Capacity-building and tool development as part of strategic leadership for Phase VII, will comprise of needs assessment, training development, tools and services aimed at advancing the capacity of organisations to collectively implement policies and practice to reduce inequalities and implement healthy cities approaches.

The greatest health challenges – non-communicable diseases, health inequalities and climate change are highly complex and are linked to the determinants of health. Reviewing procurement policies for food, transport and other public tenders could enhance the health and sustainability and could protect planet health.

Belfast Healthy Cities will work with WHO European Healthy Cities Network and partnerships in Belfast, regionally, UK and Ireland to increase knowledge and build capacity to reduce health inequalities.