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Belfast Healthy Cities

Our vision is that Belfast is recognised globally
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Healthy Cities 21st Century

Healthy Places, Healthy Children: Teaching resource piloted in Belfast Schools

A teaching resource on place and the built environment for Key Stage 2 (Primary 5-7 year groups) has been developed in collaboration with the Education Authority. The resource will be piloted with 13 Primary Schools  from across Belfast.

An information session for Principals and World Around Us coordinators took place in September to introduce the project and assess interest from Principals. A training day for class teachers who will undertake the project with their class was held in October. The resource will be piloted in autumn 2015-spring 2016 and will culminate in a celebration event for all participants.

In line with the NI curriculum, the resource will be designed as a creative process, engaging children in utilising learning to develop a concrete project. The project in this resource is a proposal for how an element of the local environment could be developed to work better for local people, based on research and analysis of the assets and needs in the local neighbourhood.