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Walking Bus

Walking Bus

Belfast Healthy Cities worked in partnership with Expert Advisors to the Ministerial Advisory Group (MAG), for Architecture and the Built Environment for Northern Ireland; the Care Zone Project team; the Care Zone Community Champions; Youth Education health and advice (YEHA); and, primary schools to jointly develop and trial walking buses in the Care Zone area in north Belfast.

A walking bus is a group of children walking part or all of their journey to school supervised by teachers and/or parents. The start of the route is usually located less than one mile from the school and in a suitable alternative drop-off location for those that normally use the car to travel to school, as well as providing additional support to children who may be too young, or feel the walking environment is unsafe, to walk to school.

The aim of the Walking Bus Pilot was to:

  • Increase walking;
  • Reduce car dependency; and,
  • Improve air quality and reduce congestion in local areas.




Walking Bus Pilot Report

Walking Bus Pilot - Case Study and How To Guide


Walking Bus Pilot Survey Templates

Templates for children, parents, teachers and local residents


Following the success of the Pilot in promoting behavioural change, Belfast Healthy Cities and the partners involved, seek to continue to support the schools to independently provide regular walking buses with good uptake from pupils; to work with politicians and the Department for Infrastructure to make infrastructural changes to increase the safety of children walking to school; and, expand walking buses to more primary schools across Belfast.