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25th Anniversary Awards

Thank you to everyone who came along to the celebration of 25 years of Belfast as a World Health Organization Healthy City at Belfast Harbour office on Friday 29 November 2013. We are delighted to congratulate the winners and highly commended organisations from the Belfast Healthy Cities 25th Anniversary Awards.

Visit Awards Website to see photographs + successful organisations by category

Promoting Healthy Minds for Older People

To mark World Mental Health Day, on Thursday 10 October, Belfast Healthy Cities highlighted the importance of good mental wellbeing for people as they grow older. The latest WHO World Health Assembly, in May 2013, identified older people as a group with a particular risk of experiencing mental health problems, including depression and anxiety.

There are many things that older people can do to maintain their own health, but there is also a role for decision makers, families and wider society.<--break->


People of all ages took part and enjoyed the event.

The annual KidsSpace event, where a city centre location is turned into an outdoor children’s playground is now a fixed date in the Belfast calendar. This year KidsSpace coincided with Culture Night on Friday 20 September, with Writers Square the area given over to structured and supervised space, between 4-9pm.

City Health newsletter

The Summer 2013 edition of City Health is now available to view online.

Workplace Health in Romania

Belfast Healthy Cities were in Romania in June contributing to a conference focusing on sharing good practice in workplace health.

It was the final event in a three year partnership between Belfast Healthy Cities and five regional organisations in Romania, took place on Tuesday 25 June in the capital, Bucharest.<--break->

Romanian Study Visit to Northern Ireland

Romanian Study Visit

Employers and Co-Ordinators from Romania were in Northern Ireland during May to share learning about workplace health. The programme which is a partnership between Belfast Healthy Cities and Romtens included visits to Derry Healthy Cities, Bryson Charitable Group and Titanic Belfast.

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The built and natural environment has a significant impact on the health of people and action is required to create safe, health nurturing environments for everyone.

Environments which work for children tend to support everyone, while also supporting the healthy development of children and enabling them to develop a role as valued members within their community.

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Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May) highlighted the important contribution physical activity makes to mental wellbeing. Throughout the month of May there were many accessible opportunities to continue to increase physical activity and improve mental health. While the month of special activities is over, there are many resources that can continue to support increased physical activity.

City Health newsletter

The Winter/Spring 2012-2013 edition of City Health is now available to view online.

25th Anniversary Lecture Series

Full Lecture Programme

Healthy and active ageing starts at birth. Healthy adults are more productive and healthy older people can continue to contribute actively to society and enjoy a more satisfying lifestyle. A strategic focus on healthy living for both young and older people is particularly valuable to supporting good health throughout the lifespan.