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Political Profile for A Happier, Healthier Belfast

Belfast Healthy Cities publish 2019 election briefing ‘A Healthier, Happier Belfast’

Candidates standing for election to Belfast City council attended the launch of the Belfast Healthy Cities 2019 Political Briefing for A Healthier, Happier Belfast. The briefing is published as the WHO European Healthy Cities Network moves into Phase VII (2019-2024) with the overarching goals of fostering health and well-being for all, leading by example locally, regionally and globally.

Candidates were asked to sign up to a ‘Belfast Healthy Cities Charter' which reflects the principles of the Belfast Charter, which was signed by mayors and politicians from cities from across the globe at the WHO International Healthy Cities Conference last October. The charter highlights the policy areas and practical ways the city can look at to help improve the health of its citizens and sets out the political commitment for healthy cities across the world to prioritise health and well-being for all.

It will focus on 6 themes:

•    Investing in the people who make up our cities

•    Designing urban places that improve health and well-being

•    Greater participation and partnerships for health and well-being

•    Improved community prosperity and access to common goods and services

•    Promoting peace and security through inclusive societies

•    Protecting the planet from degradation, leading by example, including through sustainable consumption and production.

Speaking at the launch in Belfast City Hall, Joan Devlin, Chief Executive of Belfast Healthy Cities said “For 30 years Belfast Healthy Cities and the wider WHO European Healthy Cities Network have been working to reduce health inequalities, as well as promoting healthy places and health in all policies. Belfast City Council has been a partner in this work, and councillors have always recognised the need to promote health and well-being within our local communities, schools and workplaces across the city.

"We are delighted that so many councillors have signed the charter here today as part of our political briefing. The Belfast Charter is a hugely significant part of the WHO Healthy Cities Network, and we want to ensure that Belfast as a city shows leadership in ensuring that the Charter is successfully implemented in the city.”

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