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People - Belfast - Profiling Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity

On Tuesday 24th May we launched the PEOPLE chapter of the new city profile, Belfast - Profiling Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity, to a virtual audience of health and community professionals. PEOPLE is the first full chapter of the profile to be published, following the publication of the  summary document in April. 

Hosted by Belfast Healthy Cities Interim Chair, Dr Karen Casson, the PEOPLE seminar was an opportunity to find out more about some of the key health indicators in Belfast, the trends they are moving in and the differences which can be seen in health outputs across the city and in comparison to the rest of NI. 

The seminar heard from Dr Kira Fortune, Regional Advisor, Healthy Cities, Health Promotion and Wellbeing World Health Organization, who spoke about the importance of understanding health trends and geographical differences across cities, to allow for future planning of service provision. 

Expert Advisor, Erica Ison, who authored the profile, took a deeper look at some of the indicators and health determinants that stood out within the chapter. With differences in life expectancy across the city and between men and women, lower uptake of cancer screening, and higher rates of smoking and alcohol consumption in Belfast, there are a number of areas of concern. But as Erica noted, the trends across many of these areas are improving. 

As one of the central purposes of the profile is to understand where services should be focussed, and it was therefore important that Charlene Stoop, Director of Planning, Performance & Informatics from Belfast Health & Social Care Trust was able to join us to explain the work the Trust is doing to utilise data in their future planning.

The launch of the People chapter featured on the BBC NI News and on BBC Newsline, as well as in the Belfast Telegraph

You can read the full People Chapter and the summary version of Belfast - Profiling Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity

You can watch the full seminar here:

You can also view the full presentations from the seminar: