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Learning from Belfast - Covid-19 Seminar Series

Belfast Healthy Cities hosted the latest in the COVID-19 Seminar Series, which shared learning from Belfast’s response during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Food insecurity is a challenge for many people at all times and Covid-19 has exacerbated this issue and put more people at risk of hunger and access to nutritious food. This seminar heard from two speakers on the citywide community response to address local needs in Belfast. The action across Belfast included utilising key existing interventions such as a community hub for food distribution, a contact centre to process and coordinated responses to local needs, area based teams managed welfare referrals and provided a link between partners and the creation of a grant funding budget to support emergency response and recovery activities.

Presenters included Kelly Gilliland from Belfast City Council on Belfast community response to COVID-19, and Malina Virtejanu, Forward South Partnership, on the Roma Covid Helpline.

You can view the Belfast community response presentation here, and the Roma Covid Helpline presentation here