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The Built and Natural Environment and Children - Mapping Exercise

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The built and natural environment has a significant impact on the health of people and action is required to create safe, health nurturing environments for everyone.

Environments which work for children tend to support everyone, while also supporting the healthy development of children and enabling them to develop a role as valued members within their community.

Child friendly cities is a core theme of the Regeneration and Healthy Urban Environments (R&HUE) group, which delivers action on behalf of the Belfast Strategic Partnership (BSP) and Belfast as a World Health Organization (WHO) Healthy City. Belfast Healthy Cities facilitates this group, and is now undertaking a mapping exercise, which aims to get a better picture on current and planned built/natural environment initiatives that are relevant to children. The purpose of the exercise is to gather information that can support future work on this theme.

The geographic area of interest is the Greater Belfast Area, and in addition the exercise seeks information on regional policy initiatives.

We would be grateful if you would  complete the mapping exercise questionnaire - from your own organisation’s perspective - or pass on to someone in your organisation who may complete it on behalf or your organisation. Please fel free also distribute to other colleagues/organisations whose work is relevant or who may have an interest in this area of work, as we would like to gather as much information as possible.

Link to Questionnaire (Word Document)

Please e-mail completed responses to Laura McDonald.

Thank you for your interest.