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Belfast Healthy Cities

Our vision is that Belfast is recognised globally
as a healthy, equitable and sustainable city

Healthy Cities 21st Century

2022 Awards

2022 Awards

For the 2022 Belfast Healthy City Awards the categories were been widened to ensure that even more organisations working in the community had an opportunity to enter. The new categories reflected the ethos of the WHO Healthy Cities programme. The new award categories included the Belfast Healthy Cities Impact Award, presented to an individual or group whose work has a strong, recognisable and tangible impact in the city, and the Healthy Champions of Belfast – organisation and individual.


This awarded is for an individual or group whose work has a strong, recognisable and tangible impact in the city. This may be through leadership within an influential organisation, or their delivery of health and well-being related programmes over a long period. It may also recognises those who are to the fore in positive health and wellbeing promotion across the city, or who may have positively impacted the lives of citizens.


Care Zone Community Champions, Nominated by Catherine Magennis from Belfast Health & Social Care Trust




The Healthy Champion Award recognises work undertaken across the city which advances the 6PS of our Belfast Healthy Cities current phase – People, Place, Planet, Participation, Prosperity, and Peace - and work that aligns with the current key themes of Belfast Healthy Cities’ work.  


Aideen Bradley from Our Lady’s Girls’ Primary School






This award recognises work at an organisational level.


Complex Case Team – Northern Ireland Ambulance Service


Community Sports Network


Community Projects Volunteer Team Volunteer Now