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Healthy Cities 21st Century

2017 Award

The WHO Healthy City Explorer Bursary 2017 was awarded to Dervilia Kernaghan from Cancer Focus, who travelled to Barcelona in November 2017 to to gain an understanding of structures and approaches being used in a European context that:

  • Provide public health information for older people
  • Create and maintain age friendly environments encouraging positive health behaviours
  • Initiatives that address health inequalities in older age
  • Strategies which reduce loneliness and social isolation and promote resilient communities.

Dervilia met with representatives from the Public Health Agency of Barcelona, Barcelona Healthy Ageing Foundation and Amics de la Gent Gran (Friends of Older People), as well as academics working in this area and local groups who delivery programmes in the community. 

Dervilia's presentation, which was delivered at the Belfast Healthy Cities Annual Awards event can be viewed here.